Tiny Happy Clay - Happy goods to enhance your world.

Joy Noguess specializes in creating cute ceramics that are meant to bring a smile to your face. Designing from her home studio located in South Austin, Texas, she utilizes a potter's wheel and
sculpts with slabs of clay to bring to life quirky animals bearing messages of positive vibes. In a time where stress and over-stimulation reign, her ceramics seek to bring a pause and appreciation of the moment.

After earning two art degrees, starting a family, and moving across the country and back, Joy landed in her home state of Texas. When working in computer animation caused debilitating pain in her right arm and hand, she found a means of creation that didn't hurt... clay. As her first ceramic creations emerged, Tiny Happy Clay was born to uplift others and celebrate happiness! When not working in clay, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing music with her family.

My work is available at:

Tiny Happy Clay Etsy Shop

Around Austin, TX:
Sugar and Paris
1510 South Congress

Art For The People Gallery
1711 South First St

Assemblage Contemporary Craftsman Gallery
306 S Main Street Ste 106
Buda, TX

Check my events page to see where I will be showing next.