Hello and welcome to Tiny Happy Clay!

I'm Joy and I started creating Tiny Happy Clay in my garage studio and selling on Etsy in September of 2015. I needed a creative outlet that wasn't on the computer full time and that would allow me to stay home with my kids. I currently have my ceramics for sale in local Texas gift shops and available on Etsy.

Functional and decorative goods for the home and garden is my focus. I use a variety of techniques from throwing on a wheel to hand-building with slabs or coils. I get my supplies from Armadillo clay and use low-fire earthenware and commercial food safe glazes. I also outsource water-slide decals.

Texas trinket dishes available in styles pictured above

 Handmade in ATX stamp and TH (for Tiny Happy) on the bottom

Gypsy Soul mugs with birds, moths, suns, butterflies all with gold details

 Inspire mugs

A variety of the sayings and designs I offer

Wind chimes created by slabs pressed into stamps and cut to shape

Tiny Happy Owls for your fairy garden or potted succulent plant :)

Cat and Owl bud vases or pencil holders

My inspiration comes from flora and fauna as well as an appreciation for the odd and quirky. I throw some pieces on a potter's wheel and hand-build others with slabs of clay and hand-carved stamps. I enjoy layering pops of color and decals over a white clay body.

don't give up stamped ceramic mug

Cloud magnets

I hope to create works that the owner will love and treasure-- that coffee mug that gets their day going right, or that little owl that perches on their shelf, bringing cheer to the room. Celebrate the simple life and treasure the everyday moments with Tiny Happy Clay.

me holding the ride! mug with bicycle design 

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