Saturday, March 5, 2016

Namaste Ya'll

Here are some glazing process photos- basically what I've been slowly working on all week.

 Mugs awaiting clear glaze and then birds and butterflys and foxes will be added.

This bird decal will be added on the fly free mug to give it a lift.

Here I've added some orange glaze to give a pop of color under the butterfly decal.

This Namaste mug won't get a decal...but it is hand-painted with glaze in a watercolor like effect on both sides. The inside of the mug is rimmed with lavender and red in a painterly style with no crisp edges. I love the idea of Namaste - roughly translated to -"the spirit in me greets the spirit in you". It makes me want to do yoga in a room with large picture windows overlooking nature and then sipping chai tea in bliss when I'm done :)