Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello March

Where did February go? I spent the first week of it preparing for my son's Birthday celebration, and the rest, slowly building up my inventory, not to mention restocking mugs and TX dishes at Sugar and Paris on South Congress.
New camera mugs.
 I miss living with pets (sometimes) and this mug is representative of that longing for a cat to curl up with!
 New yard/garden art sculptures. Cute slab-built cats with a funky folk artsy feel! I've got a whole series of these in the works, playing with sizes and designs!
 Decal mug featuring a butterfly in the center and then two halves of another butterfly - one on either side.
 Front of the mug has some decals cut and applied over glaze.
 Back of the mug has a tiger balancing on an incised geometric pattern.

 Pine wood derby car my son and husband built with a little paint help by me. He won the most creative award! It is a wedge of cheese with 2 mice :)

My daughter at the Zilker Botanical Gardens.