Friday, November 20, 2015

Owl Bud Vases

I have been working on these new bud vases. Little owls with eyes that hint at their personalities.
This is the very first batch and I'm still not decided which shapes I like best...a few of them are hand-built and the rest are thrown on a wheel. Some are pushed out to form volume for wings or faces and others are left smooth.
This is also new territory for me on the wheel. My mother brought her old brent wheel to me and I'm trying to reintroduce myself to it. Reintroduction from a very short and informal class some 8 years ago mind you, so I'm kind of teaching myself blindly. I suppose I should watch some youtube videos to jog my memory on how to throw clay.
Glazing is another area where I'm pretty incompetent. I'm not sure what I'm doing but am trying to have fun. Hopefully if I keep experimenting I'll discover the look I am going for.
Happy Friday!