Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cats and Bears Oh My!

Okay, 1 bear and 6 cats with 2 swallowed fish, oh my! I finally got around to glazing my cat and bear bud vases. I am still experimenting with the glazing techniques. I tried slip inlay on the littlest cat who seems to be more suited for a toothpick holder! I brushed the black slip into the lines of the bisqued cat and then scraped it off with a metal rib. Wasn't able to keep the white pristine and so the whole thing has a tinge to it.
On the rest of the vases I just brushed black underglaze into the lines in varying shades. The bear is a bit too light I'm afraid, but I also played with polka dots on him. The underglazes are bright, cheery, and whimsical which I love. Wheel thrown vases are also what I stuck to this time because it is so fast to whip them out whereas the hand-built vessels took longer and were challenging to shape symmetrically.
I'm wondering if the bud vase part of it isn't pointless and perhaps I should make little figures instead? Hmm, very torn about vessel versus figurine. Any thoughts are welcomed!!!