Friday, December 4, 2015

Cloudy With A Chance Of Magnets

Oh Happy Friday!

Here are the cloud magnets all ready for the fridge. My fridge is not photo-worthy so I had to improvise. I am looking for a better, affordable camera since my iphone is still not getting the detail I would like no matter how well I try to get the light- sigh. Why are good photographs so elusive to me? I have watched youtube videos and read tips and articles. Hopefully my skills will get better not worse. In the meantime, I'll have a set of light hearted magnets to remind me to take it easy...unless they sell on my etsy shop! Ditto for the hanging holiday star strands.

Each magnet was hand sculpted and then stamped with letters to form the words. After an initial bisque firing I glazed them with black and clear glaze. Super strong magnets are attached to hollowed out recesses in the backs.

White earthenware clay is cut with star cookie cutters and then bisque fired for durability. The star ornaments are then strung together with rustic cord and are ready for hanging indoor or outdoor for cheerful Christmas and New Year decoration.
I like stars so much that I might leave them up year round. They would also be super cute for whimsical nursery mobiles!
These star strands were inspired by the lovely Scandinavian winter decorations I see on pinterest. I love the simplicity of the whites and the sparse, rustic nature of their aesthetic. I wish I had a beautiful interior to photograph these in but my house is a bit too lived in!
This image was mentioned on My Scandinavian Home!