Friday, February 5, 2016

Decal Dreamin'

I've been busy throwing more mugs this week. My last set with decals (only 2) was so satisfying when I pulled them out of the kiln, that all I can think about is decals. How to incorporate them into my work, what should I make to put them on, what other types of clipart can I find to utilize?

Unfortunately decals aren't cheap to print, I ordered mine from Trinity Decal and come to find out, they have them printed in the UK! 1 sheet was incredibly expensive with the shipping almost doubling the price. I still have quite a few left on the one sheet I ordered but I can already think of half a dozen other types of designs I wish I had ordered!

So now I'm trying to get enough stuff made to utilize the decals I have left and I can't seem to get into the studio fast seems my 1 yr old isn't crazy about the idea of me paying attention to something other than her. Here are some mugs and bowls I've been working on:

I have been playing in photoshop a bit to get ideas for my next designs. Here are some of the results. We'll see how they turn out.

Three cheers for decals -  my new obsession!