Friday, February 19, 2016

Wet Clay

Happy Friday! I've been busy making tiny happy clay this week!!!

Here are some photos of what I've been up to:

This hand-carved lotus stamp is pressed into moist clay, cut out, and formed into little dishes. The same process is used with the hand made Texas stamp below. After the slabs of clay are cut out and stamped, I'll place them on a form to mold them into a bowl shape.

I'm developing some new mugs that will have stamped messages and decals. The fly free mug will get a bird added to it---just like Portlandia---put a bird on it!

And here is what happens when I have scraps:

These tiny happy owls will be painted with faces and feathers and such. Stay tuned to see the cuteness develop- I'm thinking fairy gardens & terrariums for these babies!
And last, but not least, a couple of little creatures I sculpted out of scraps from the Texas and Lotus bowls. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New mugs

So I finished firing those mugs I wrote about last week. They came out good...but now I am considering adding gold to them, and other mugs I do.

ceramic mugs with decals laid out in front

I glaze fired them, then applied the decals and fired them again at a lower temperature. I am really loving the decals! 

back of owl mug
Detail on back of owl mug...because you never know which hand you'll be using! I find that I drink more with my left hand now that I'm feeding the baby with my right.

detail of owl on ceramic mug

bird mug standing with dots
This bird is super cute to me- he's just chillin' :)
inside of standing bird mug with flower

I also love putting little details on the inside because it is nice to see when your beverage is getting low, or when you are washing the dishes.

tigers on orange stripe mug 
Easy Tiger! I planned on 3 but they were smaller than I thought so I added a fourth one.
As always, you can purchase these items in my Etsy shop

Friday, February 5, 2016

Decal Dreamin'

I've been busy throwing more mugs this week. My last set with decals (only 2) was so satisfying when I pulled them out of the kiln, that all I can think about is decals. How to incorporate them into my work, what should I make to put them on, what other types of clipart can I find to utilize?

Unfortunately decals aren't cheap to print, I ordered mine from Trinity Decal and come to find out, they have them printed in the UK! 1 sheet was incredibly expensive with the shipping almost doubling the price. I still have quite a few left on the one sheet I ordered but I can already think of half a dozen other types of designs I wish I had ordered!

So now I'm trying to get enough stuff made to utilize the decals I have left and I can't seem to get into the studio fast seems my 1 yr old isn't crazy about the idea of me paying attention to something other than her. Here are some mugs and bowls I've been working on:

I have been playing in photoshop a bit to get ideas for my next designs. Here are some of the results. We'll see how they turn out.

Three cheers for decals -  my new obsession!